it had started to rain, but we didnt care
every word that was spoken held onto the air
on the way home i told my mom i was going to drive the car into something because i want to die.

she started to yell at me and she said commiting suicide is a 'chicken shit' way to end it.

she told me to wait. until i'm 17, 18, 19 older...

but thats what she has been saying since she found out i hated my life and everyone in it.

i've been waiting for 'it to get better' for four years.

and not a day has passed by when the words 'i want to die' don't scroll through my head.

she said 'well its taken you four years'

so i said 'alright'

and she tryed to cover up what she she said 'go ahead' and everything else.

so the end of it is...i want to die

< 5:23 p.m. on 2003-09-25 >