it had started to rain, but we didnt care
every word that was spoken held onto the air
i've been up for an hour. i got 4 hours of sleep. the horrible pains woke me up. i just want to crawl in bed and have my mommy bring me soup and crackers and sprite and ask me if i need anything even though i can see that she is getting sick of walking back and forth. i want to watch cartoons and color pictures. i'll give 5 of them to my mom for being 'such a nice nurse' and she'll smile and say 'oh thanks! they are so pretty' and stuff them in a drawer somewhere with my lost teeth. and bring me more sprite and put a cold towel on my head and kiss my hand. she'll watch me fall asleep, smile, shut my door quietly, and walk away sad but proud.

but i'm 'too old for that' now so all i've got are my two legs and my blanket to keep me company. i'll have to do the nursing. hopefully via hoverboard.

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