it had started to rain, but we didnt care
every word that was spoken held onto the air
i went out with courtney tonight. we did wonderful stuff. watched lilo and stitch. ate at 59 diner. and ate yummy ice cream with candy. i still had my mind on you. i smelt your scent and wished you were there. i know i shouldn't but i do. and i know i shouldn't have gotten this attached but i did. and i miss you and i hate this distance. i just want it to be as great as it was yesterday. when i sat on your chest. kissed you softly. then heard your quiet words say 'i never want to leave'. i keep that in my head. not what happened today. but yesterday when it was perfect.

i wish it was like yesterday. i wish you could understand me. just listen. please.

< 10:35 p.m. on 2002-06-26 >