it had started to rain, but we didnt care
every word that was spoken held onto the air
i know my mom dosen't look very highly of me. she dosen't expect a lot to come out of my life and she thinks i do horrible things on a daily basis. she likes to yell in my face and tell me i don't look good. she likes to tell me that i'm doing bad stuff even though i don't. she thinks i have sex with boys all the time and that i'm stupid enough to get in a car with a guy from a show i don't know. that makes me feel bad and it makes me feel like she thinks i'm a fuck up and she is done trying.

that makes me cry all the time because the one person that i thought should/will be there for me isn't. but i'm not going to let one screw up fuck up my life. i'm done letting her run my life and i'm sick of her telling me i'm nothing. because she is wrong i am something and i will be something. i'll show her and she'll feel like a huge bitch because she is. and when she needs money when she is old and in her fucking wheelchair she can go to someone else because i'm not giving her shit. fuck her. and fuck everything she says.

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